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Vivox text and voice comms. Provide the player experience that is best with Vivox’s hosted handled solution for sound and text talk.

Whenever players can talk they stay static in your game much much much longer. Enhance your retention with Vivox, perhaps one of the most popular and feature-rich comms technology into the video video video gaming industry.

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Vivox is trusted because of a’s leading titles – like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege – to produce the greatest comms solution with their players. It’s an effortlessly integrated and handled solution that is hosted works together any game motor for just about any platform.

Vivox is trusted by studios of all of the sizes to handle comms on Computer , mobile or system, anywhere into the global globe their players are. Whether your game is made on Unity, Unreal or another game motor, Vivox may be integrated in under two times and scaled to an incredible number of players.

“We’re constantly researching to enhance the League of Legends experience for players, and vocals interaction happens to be an addition that is great player groups.”

“When we had been evaluating solutions for the sound requires, Vivox straight away jumped down along with their proven stability and notable partner list.”

“Many platforms (Xbox, PS4, Steam, etc.) possess some kind of platform-level vocals help.

nevertheless, having a one interface/library solution that works well with them all, and works cross-platform, was a significant reasons why Vivox is so great for people.”

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