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Q&A: He’s served presidents, and now he’s serving democracy

Arthur Blaustein, 87, is passionate about community service. Now resigned following a tenure that is long teacher of community development, politics and public policy at UC Berkeley, he’s got simply released the 3rd version of “Democracy just isn’t a Spectator Sport.” The civic engagement handbook carries a conversation of community solution, inspirational tales, companies with volunteer possibilities, and a preface imploring visitors to try the 2020 election campaign.

Blaustein started volunteering in university and got hooked. He taught college dropouts in Harlem, became involved with American Jewish Congress and chaired its social action committee. He headed south aided by the United states Legion Willard directly Post, supporting voting that is equal for several People in the us (“We idea we settled that,” he stated regarding present assaults on voting liberties), plus in 1965 marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Blaustein ended up being appointed towards the nationwide Advisory Council on Economic chance by President Jimmy Carter, and also to the board regarding the National Endowment for the Humanities by President Bill Clinton, serving under five presidents in most.

J.: You start your guide by writing that election anxiety condition emerged within the 2016 election period and is “on the rise,” and describe the slide that is“long the slippery slope of anti-democratic policies and behavior” that put our democracy at an increased risk. You’ve been through numerous elections, is this 1 actually therefore important?

Arthur Blaustein: I’ve been associated with every campaign that is presidential since 1960. This is actually the many dangerous therefore the most terrifying. There has been two terrifying periods during my life — the very first ended up being the McCarthy age, the 2nd had been the Cuban missile crisis. But it is more harmful. Continue reading