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Therefore if i might i will love to ask you exactly what love is. Can there be actually such a thing? Compassion must certanly be section of it

Questioner: i am a married guy with a few young ones. I have lived instead a dissipated life in search of pleasure, but a reasonably civilized life too, and I also’ve produced success from it economically.

However now i am center aged and am feeling worried, not just about my loved ones but additionally concerning the real means the planet is certainly going. I am perhaps not fond of brutality or feelings that are violent and I also have actually always considered that forgiveness and compassion would be the most significant things in life. Without these man becomes subhuman. Therefore if i might i will love to ask you just what love is. Will there be actually anything? Compassion must certanly be element of it, but i believe that love is one thing much vaster, and then make my life into something worthwhile before it is too late if we could explore it together perhaps I should. We have actually really started to ask that one thing what exactly is love?

Krishnamurti: Before we start to get into this we should be clear that the phrase isn’t the thing, the description isn’t the described, because any quantity of description, nonetheless simple and clever, will likely not start the center into the immensity of love. Continue reading