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The question I ask is the reasons why may be the country that is richest within the world…why are there a lot of low income individuals.

Peter: Okay, okay. Therefore, you’re an engineer by training, however you’ve made a decision to begin the corporation that is…it’s significantly unique at a time where I don’t think anybody else was really doing much in the way of, you know, this sort of earned income access because I know you started it. Inform us a bit that is little ended up being the concept that resulted in the founding of PayActiv?

Safwan: in my experience, it had been a notion that came during a period in my own life where we wasn’t doing any such thing you know, when you have a lot of time to think, you do think about the human condition and what’s going on so I had a lot of time to think and. One of several ideas that kept occurring if you ask me and I’m speaking 10 years ago had been just why is it that the country that is richest on the planet has such a big pool of men and women residing paycheck to paycheck. Continue reading