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Pushback Against DNC Chair’s Shilling For Payday Lenders. This is reposted through the Campaign for America’s Future

Think about this number: $8.2 billion. What could installment loans no credit check families residing in depressed communities round the national nation do with those dollars?

This is the sum of money that’s been sucked out from the pouches of financially struggling Us americans into the year that is past payday and car-title loan providers, making use of unethical, predatory company techniques.

Here’s another stunner: one of many individuals trying to kneecap the agency that is federal would like to restrain those techniques and help these families keep a few of that cash is the seat for the Democratic National Committee.

That’s exactly what Campaign for America’s Future alum Zach Carter reported into the Huffington Post, disclosing that the cash advance industry, in its fight up against the customer Financial Protection Bureau’s efforts to suppress the usurious methods for the industry, “has developed a robust brand new ally in current months: Democratic National Committee seat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.).

Wasserman Schultz is co-sponsoring a fresh bill that would gut the CFPB’s forthcoming pay day loan regulations. She’s additionally wanting to gin up support that is democratic the legislation on Capitol Hill, based on a memo acquired by The Huffington Post.”

Wasserman Schultz, you may remember, had earlier undercut the Obama administration’s work to win congressional help for the Iran nuclear contract, siding with right-wing opponents. Continue reading