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I am a Chinese man dating A indonesian girl. We are in love – but it is not too easy

“we cannot think i will be in a relationship by having A chinese man. Chinese dudes had been never ever my type.” Therefore says my gf, a 28-year-old muslim indonesian, every single other time.

She actually is maybe not criticising myself, but like a number of our Indonesian female buddies, she racially profiles men of Chinese lineage. We could be unhygienic and rude, among other items, they appear to think.

Being in a relationship by having a ethnic man that is chinese or simply just admitting to using emotions for example, can need courage for Muslim feamales in Indonesia. It presents all of them with numerous social, social and obstacles that are religious.

“I am wasting my 20s and may end up failing to find a husband,” several Indonesian female friends have explained if I meet the wrong guy.

The racial bias against cultural Chinese people in Indonesia is due to a lengthy history of anti-Chinese belief. Continue reading