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How does my boyfriend have the want to lie

I’ve been dating a person a years that are few than We for the passed away four months. He could be really outgoing, wants to work, and fulfill new individuals. My buddies enjoy his company, that will be really unusual.

Besides intercourse, all we appear to do is argue on the things that are littlest. He’ll either get upset he is uncomfortable talking about which leads to the arguments with me for obtuse reasons or I’ll bring up something.

My boyfriend compulsively lies in regards to the most things that are feebleminded. Such as for example things he claims to possess achieved in their life and individuals he knew. Their buddies, household, and girlfriends that are prior how he could be.

As soon as, I’ve really convinced him to confess their distortion for the truth however now he denies some of the plain things he confessed to. Also though he purchases me personally things and treats me personally like a girl, he constantly seems the necessity to exaggerate the reality. Continue reading