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Need To Know: Amazing Features Of Google Calendar Application On Android That Nobody Knows (Updated).

As with most other online calendars, Yahoo lets you import events from other calendars. Google Calendar might be check out these helpful tips the most well-connected calendar app, in terms of having options to integrate it with other apps and online services. You can create different calendars for yourself and subscribe to other people’s calendars. It also has free apps for iPhone, iPad, and of course Android. Really, there are a lot of tricks you can do with Google Calendar. Apple Calendar for Mac and iOS is one of the big three calendars.

  • If there are multiple events to recover, checkmark each of them and then click the curved arrow at the top of the list.
  • After logging in, you can choose which Google services to sync on the next page.
  • But then, sometimes not even a month into the school year, all hopes of staying organized seem to be hopelessly lost.
  • Paying members have access to the past nine months of history, and free accounts only come with access to a few days of history.
  • This will open the selected calendar’s settings on a new page.
  • For instance, they can have the power to create and change schedules or just view them.

The user doesn’t have to download special software to access the calendar — all access is through a Web browser. The first is to click the “Create” button at the top left of the screen. The other is to click a day or time slot on your calendar view.


The latter is an especially nice touch if you leave the office often for meetings or company lunches and want a quick idea of how to prepare for the weather. When scheduling events, you can also schedule reminders to help you remember to do something. You also have the option to customize how and when that reminder is delivered.

You can share the main calendar for your account, or another calendar you created.Learn how to create a new calendar. Add Google Calendar events to your WordPress site in minutes. Buchheit attempted to work around the limitations of HTML by using the highly interactive JavaScript code, an approach that ultimately came to be called AJAX . You’ll see this in the upper right corner of your web browser and screen.You’ll see the tag for the event you just created appear yearly on your Google Calendar.

Powerful Google Calendar Hacks To Master Time Management

Her email address, therefore, was still linked to her old Google Calendar. When I would send a Google Calendar invitation, the system “looked” for any Google Calendar linked with her email address. When it “found” her still-linked Google Calendar associated with her email address, it dropped the invitation into her calendar.

For anyone who works across multiple time zones, ‘World clock’ is a must. It adds to the side of the screen a customizable list of cities around the world complete with the local time. To make it even faster to see how a particular country’s time compares to yours, when it is night time a dark background is used. Equally useful is the Year View add-on which can be accessed through the same sidebar.