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Overview – HIV and AIDS. While AIDS is not transmitted from 1 individual to some other, the HIV virus can.

HIV (individual immunodeficiency virus) is really a virus that damages the cells in your defense mechanisms and weakens your ability to battle everyday infections and illness.

AIDS (obtained deficiency that is immune) could be the title utilized to explain a amount of possibly deadly infections and ailments that take place when your disease fighting capability happens to be seriously harmed by the HIV virus.

There is presently no remedy for HIV, but you will find helpful prescription drugs that help a lot of people utilizing the virus to reside an extended and life that is healthy.

With an earlier diagnosis and effective remedies, many people with HIV will likely not develop any AIDS-related ailments and can live a near-normal lifespan.

Have the flu vaccine. Flu can be extremely severe when you yourself have HIV.

Ask for the free flu jab at:

  • your GP surgery
  • an area pharmacy that includes a flu vaccine solution

Signs and symptoms of HIV disease

A lot of people encounter a quick flu-like disease 2 to 6 days after HIV illness, which can last for a week or 2.

After these signs disappear, HIV may well not cause any outward symptoms for quite some time, even though the virus continues to harm your immunity system.

What this means is lots of people with HIV have no idea they are contaminated.

Whoever thinks they are able to have HIV should get tested.

Many people are advised to have regular tests because they’re at specially risk that is high. Find out more about who’s many vulnerable to HIV.

Reasons for HIV illness

HIV can be found in your body liquids of a contaminated person. This consists of semen, vaginal and fluids that are anal bloodstream and breast milk.

It is a virus that is fragile will not endure beyond your human human human body for very long. Continue reading