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Let me make it clear about Is Caltech a boring destination to be at?

Yes i prefer mathematics and technology. I am maybe perhaps not in love with them. I actually do like them, We get the topics pretty interesting. However again, i do want to have a great life that is social. I do not wish another repeat of senior school, which will be exactly just what Caltech generally seems to appear to be. its as huge as a school that is high.

Are there any parties? Sexy chicks? enjoyable people? i have started to understand academics are not every thing and linking with individuals are as crucial.

PS: I’ve had some buddies whom head to Caltech and say its a fairly place that is antisocial.

Replies to: Is Caltech a place that is boring be at?

Are there any parties? Yes chicks that are sexy? Sure enjoyable people? Needless to say

“I had some buddies whom head to Caltech and say it is a fairly place that is antisocial

All of the events, sexy chicks and cool individuals defintely won’t be on offer trying to find you. Continue reading