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Tinder asks users to get rid of tiger selfies after advising from PETA. 1 of 32 Tinder enjoys requested people to cease posting pictures of by themselves appearing with tigers.

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2 of 32 Dating app Tinder added the option for users to list job titles on their profiles. Here are the top 10 well-swiped jobs in the U.S. Click here to see the full list form Tinder. Klaus Vedfelt , Getty Images , Entrepreneur Show More Show Less

4 of 32 very top JOBS FOR WOMEN10. Style

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5 of 32 purchase shot very top TASKS FOR MEN10. Institution studentSource: Tinder PAUL BUCKOWSKI Program More Showcase A Great Deal Less

7 of 32 leading EMPLOYMENT FOR WOMEN9. Social media marketing executive

Origin: Tinder Champion Images/Getty Images/Hero Images Tv Series Most Program Much Less

8 of 32 Buy image TOP OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEN9. Paramedic

10 of 32 TOP ACTIVITIES FOR WOMEN8. Pharmacist

Source: Tinder Jupiterimages/Getty Photographs Tv Show Much More Demonstrate Considerably

11 of 32 main EMPLOYMENT FOR MEN8. Model

Resource: Tinder Complimentary Ricardo Mario / Tv Series A Whole Lot More Display Considerably

13 of 32 purchase photos leading OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN7. Conversation communication pathologist

Origin: Tinder H John Voorhees III/Hearst Ct Mass Media Tv Series Way More Showcase Less

14 of 32 main JOBS FOR MEN7. Manufacture

16 of 32 purchase photograph main WORK FOR WOMEN6. School sutdent

very top PROJECTS FOR MEN6. Professor

Thomas Barwick/Getty Graphics Program A Lot More Display Less

19 of 32 best EMPLOYMENT FOR WOMEN5. Trainer

20 of 32 leading PROJECTS FOR MEN5. TV/Radio identity

Starting Point: Tinder Pleasantness Mayra Moreno Tv Series Further Showcase Much Less

best ACTIVITIES FOR WOMEN4. PR/Communications

23 of 32 TOP JOBS FOR WOMEN3. Continue reading