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Seventh Day Adventist Vegetarianism The Shocking Origins associated with Vegan Diet

Carnivore Aurelius

Whenever most people think about veganism, they think about hipsters munching on granola or consuming a tofu stir fry.

Or even you imagine of militant ideologic vegans shouting angrily at farmers and holding indications to protest the eating of animals.

But do you realize how veganism began within the western?

The truth is much more sordid and wouldn’t be out of place in a Dan Brown novel.

It begins with the entranced visions of a cult leader, a generations long battle to avoid intimate promiscuity, all ultimately causing an international cereal business money church-inculcated religious ‘scientists’ to promote an agenda that is religious. Now, town dwelling sanctimonious children have jumped in the bandwagon unacquainted with veganism’s perverted origins.

This one is true while it sounds like a conspiracy, unlike Flat Earth theory. Let’s dig in.

The Surprising Founder of American Veganism

It’s 1847 and a l king that is plain 90 pound, brown haired, 21 year old newly married woman is lying on the fl r of a church, unconscious and shaking.

This is absolutely nothing brand new for Ellen G. White, that has had seizures since she had been hit in the relative head having a stone at 9 years of age.

In accordance with her, these assaults sent her visions from God. Many of which warned her against consuming meat. Ellen would later on be instrumental in the founding regarding the 12th religion that is largest on earth, the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church, a faith that now features a account of 25 million people in over 200 countries! Continue reading