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Without a doubt about 4 Best 4chan Apps For Android and iOS

4Chan is fabled for its reasonable conversation threads, memes plus some controversial gray things (nearly seems like The Happening). You won’t have any problem but 4chan isn’t ideal for mobile browsing if you browse 4chan on your computer. The community has developed many unofficial apps specifically tailored for mobile use although there isn’t any official app. I’ve found and produced a listing of best 4chan apps for Android os and iOS.

4Chan vs Reddit – What’s the real difference?

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On the surface, 4Chan is great deal just like Reddit. Both are really a conversation forum using the old-school design. However in truth, they, could not be any longer different. Reddit is pseudonymous, meaning your articles and commentary are associated with your username. The great majority of users are anonymous 4Chan.

Another difference that is key, 4chan can be an imageboard with loosely arranged panels as his or her “subreddits”. /a/ could be the anime board, /b/ random, /nd/ or racism that is virulent /vg/ is video games, etc.

1. Chanu: F-Droid

The open-source 4chan browser Chanu simply is aimed at promoting the content that is same in a grid.

Chanu automatically sources most of the boards that are 4chan is updated frequently. NSFW imageboards are toggled OFF by standard in every the apps and you may toggle it in in the settings. You are able to choose an imageboard through the top and see the content popular at that brief moment from the board and indulge in the discussion because of the response function. Continue reading