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Loving Korean | Boyfriend in Korea .Top 5 things you have to know about Korean dudes

A guy that is korean their European gf eagerly answr fully your questions regarding Korean dudes and achieving Korean boyfriends, and present recommendations on Korean tradition.

Dating Korean dudes is very little various than dating others, but listed here are top 5 things about Korean dudes which are good to understand:

Korean Age

Korean age is determined differently than worldwide age. When they’re born, these are typically 12 months old (approximation for the 9 months they usually have spent within their mother’s stomach). In the place of gaining one additional 12 months on their birthday celebration, they gain one extra 12 months on New Year’s Day. For instance, they are 1 year old if they were born 7th of August 1979., on that day. Then, 4 months later on, regarding the 1st of 1980 january. they turn one year old. An such like, incorporating one 12 months every 1st of January. An interesting thing takes place if a child exists on 31st of December. Regarding the 1st of January that infant is couple of years old by Korean age, but only 1 time old by western age!

The easiest method to consider this will be that Koreans count the calendar years by which you have actually existed, as opposed to counting simply how much time has passed away as you had been born.

Since people like being young, Koreans choose utilizing worldwide age. Also, worldwide age is employed for appropriate papers.

Korean service that is military

if you’re going up to now a man that hasn’t completed it yet, you have to know that you’ll need to invest a couple of years without him. Continue reading